Rococo was started back in 1983 by Chantal Coady, then a punky ex-student who wanted to start a chocolate company in order to fund a career as a photographer. Almost three decades later and that business is thriving and Rococo now has three shops in central London, including a flagship store in Belgravia.

Rococo sells a wide range of chocolates and confectionary, including well over 20 different flavours of chocolate bar, from Basil and Lime to Orange and Geranium, to Christmas Pudding flavour. They also sell all kinds of other confectionary, from traditional English hard sweets to Turkish delight, crystalised ginger and novelty items like ‘chocolate cigars’.

The Rococo brand has a very strong and distinctive visual style, based on the ornate 19th century French style from which it takes its name.

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